Virtual Combined POSNA – SLAOTI – SAOTI Meeting

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Learning objectives

Learn about the latest advances in pediatric orthopaedic surgery

Obtain opinions of world-renowned thought leaders in the field.

Expand and integrate an understanding of the scientific and clinical tenets of pediatric orthopaedic surgery to better prevent and treat musculoskeletal disease.

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Meeting at a glance

*Program subject to change

Friday October 15th

9:15 am Virtual room opens

(Argentina Time (ART), UTC -3)

09:30 - 09:40 Welcome remarks

Javier Masquijo & Alex Arkader

09:40 - 11:25 Essentials of developmental dysplasia of the hip

The DDH session will feature five videos on specific techniques in the treatment of DDH. The informative presentations will focus on the critical steps when striving to achieve either a satisfactory / “safe” closed or open reduction and the associated pitfalls. The indications and essential technical steps in performing pelvic osteotomies (Pemberton/Dega, the triple and  Ganz PAO) will be demonstrated. Selected clinical cases pertinent to the presentations will be discussed by the faculty as presented by the moderators.  

Moderator: Perry Schoenecker – Baxter Willis / eModerator: José Pablo Muñoz
Faculty: Woody Sankar, Pablo Castañeda, Jonathan Schoenecker, José Herrera-Soto, Ira Zaltz.

11:25 - 11:35 Break
11:35 - 13:05 Lower extremity deformity correction

This session will provide an overview on multiple techniques to manage challenging deformities of the lower extremities. Through a video demonstration, our panel of experienced deformity surgeons will highlight their indications, treatment algorithms and surgical techniques for limb deformity correction. Finally, challenging cases will be discussed aiming at the decision-making process.

Moderator: Eric Gordon / eModerator: Dalia Sepúlveda
Faculty: Alex Arkader, Peter Stevens, Reid Nichols, David Horn

13:05 - 13:15 Break
13:15 - 15:20 Podium presentations

In this session, 15 scientific papers previously selected by a panel of former SAOTI presidents will be presented. The audience will have the possibility to ask the presenters live questions via chat.

Moderators: Claudio Fernández, Lucia Dohmen, Rubén Maenza

15:20 - 15:30 Break
15:30 - 17:00 Innovative techniques in upper extremity trauma surgery

Management of upper extremity fractures in children can be challenging. This session will focus on new strategies and surgical techniques for pediatric elbow and forearm fractures. After surgical technique demonstration, case presentation will follow accompanied by a lively discussion of treatment approach alternatives by the expert panel. 

 Moderator: Alex Arkader / eModerator: Ricardo Mosquera
Faculty: Keith Baldwin, Mauricio Silva, Jonathan Schoenecker, Matías Sepúlveda

17:00 Adjourn

Saturday October 16th

9:15 am Virtual room opens

(Argentina Time (ART), UTC -3)

09:30 - 11:00 Current procedures for the treatment of children with cerebral palsy

This session will be a mixture of surgical technique videos and case-based discussion on the orthopaedic care of patients with cerebral palsy. A variety of techniques will be presented, including guided growth of the proximal femur, surgical reconstruction and salvage surgery for spastic hip, femoral osteotomy and patellar tendon advancement for the treatment of crouch gait.         

Moderator: Mauro Morais / eModerator: Eduardo Segal
Faculty: Keith Baldwin, Juan Carlos Couto, Ben Shore, David Spiegel, Unni Narayanan, Camilo Turriago

11:00 - 11:10 Break
11:10 - 12:40 Challenging trauma in lower extremity: From common to rare

This is an interactive case-based session with audience poll questions. The topics covered will be of value to any orthopaedic surgeon involved in the management of pediatric orthopaedic trauma. We will discuss common pediatric fractures in the tibia and ankle, as well as complex femur and pelvic fractures. Pre-operative assessment and treatment approaches will be discussed and debated.         

Moderator: Derek Kelly / eModerator: Victoria Allende
Panel: Eric Gordon, Baxter Willis, Jamil Soni, Martín D´elia, Ben Shore, Keith Baldwin.

12:40 -12:55 Break
12:55 - 14:21 Master techniques in foot & ankle reconstruction

In this session, leaders in the field of pediatric foot will discuss operative tips and tricks of various aspects of pediatric foot & ankle surgery. Our international panel will share their knowledge and personal experience on the current techniques for the management of complex and atypical clubfoot, congenital vertical talus, flexible flatfoot, tarsal coalition and cavovarus foot.         

Moderator: Javier Masquijo / eModerator: Miguel Paz.
Faculty: Mónica Paschoal Nogueira, Derek Kelly, Maryse Bouchard, Vince Mosca, Perry Schoenecker.

14:21 - 14:30 Closing ceremony


President: Mininder Kocher
Vice-president: Dan Sucato
Secretary: Eric Edmonds
Immediate Past President: Michael Vitale
President-Elect: Jeffrey Sawyer
Treasurer/Finance Council Chair: Michelle Caird
At-Large Members: Emily Dodwell, Sumeet Garg, Rachel Goldstein, Josh Abzug, Chip Iwinski, Julie Samora
AAP Representative: Ted Ganley
Communications Council Chair: Corinna Franklin
Editor in Chief, JPO: Robert Hensinger
Education Council Chair: Matt Oetgen
Health Care Delivery Council Chair: Hank Chambers
Historian/History Council Chair: Scott Rosenfeld
IPOS Director: Suken Shah
Research Council Chair: Unni Narayanan
QSVI Council Chair: Brian Brighton


Presidente: Jamil Soni
Vice-presidente: Ricardo Mosquera
Secretario: Mauro Cesar Morais Filho
Tesorero: Javier Masquijo
Vocales: Alfonso Meza, Juan Carlos Ocampo


Presidente: Javier Masquijo
Vicepresidente: Miguel Justo Mariano Paz
Secretario General: Martin D’Elia
Pro-Secretario: Eduardo Segal
Director Científico: Lucía Dohmen
Tesorero: Jorge Marcos Montes
Pro-Tesorero: Juan Salvador Cairo
Secretario de Publicaciones: Daniel Yedlin
Secretario de Actas: Jorge Sueiro
Vocales: Ernesto Varone, Germán García Llaver,
Silvana Fiscina
Vocales Suplentes: Mauricio García-Lizziero,
Sebastián Bardavid


Each faculty member in this meeting has been asked to disclose if he or she has received something of value from a commercial company or institution, which relates directly or indirectly to the subject of their presentation . An indication of the participant’s disclosure appears after his or her name as well as the commercial company or institution that provided the support. POSNA, SLAOTI, and SAOTI does not view the existence of these disclosed interests or commitments as necessarily implying bias or decreasing the value of the author’s participation in the meeting.