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Peter Stevens

Born and raised on the East Coast, I received my BA from Dartmouth College and MD from Albany Medical College, before emigrating to Utah in 1973, for internship and residency training at the University of Utah.  My pediatric orthopedic fellowship was undertaken at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Upon returning to Salt Lake City in 1980, I commenced a solo private practice for a decade, before formalizing my teaching affiliation and joining the University of Utah Department of Orthopedics in 1990. Our pediatric orthopedic division has since grown to 14 members.  

My practice iniially encomptassed all facets of pediatric orthopedics but eventually became focused upon limb deformity correction.  For over two decades I championed the cause for osteotomies to correct pediatric limb deformities, while exploiting and extending the indications for Blount stapling.  Recognizing the limitations of the latter, I developed the 8-Plate (Guided Growth) as a preferred alternative.  The broad applications for flexible, extraperiosteal, physeal tethering include angular correction (coronal, sagittal, or oblique plane) in the upper or lower extremity.  The only contraindications are a closed physis or skeletal maturity. In my practice, providing the child is still growing, I now reserve osteotomy for rotational correction or limb lengthening. 


Peter Stevens

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